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What is Light Energy Dancing?

Over a lifetime in dance I have become aware that dance has healing power on many levels. There of course are the obvious benefits for the physical body such as lower blood pressure, increased stamina, a strengthening of the bones, improved memory recall, and a reduction of stress.

As an art form, there are also benefits for the emotional and mental bodies of not just the performers but for the spectators as well. There can be profound healing and release of past trauma by witnessing a dance performance. There is special training and awareness that a dancer can apply to their performance skills to increase the healing power of a performance.


One of my passions is now passing along this information so that performances carry the full healing available and that the healing energy even stays connected to the performance when it is viewed on video or social media at a later date.

If you are a performance artist of any type, these skills can be applied. Be it music, visual art, acting, writing, skating, or dancing, you can use your art to be more than a source of accomplishment for yourself. I work with artists in a workshop setting or one-on-one to help safely and effectively implement these healing skills.

For the casual dancer or person looking to use movement to heal, I teach a class called "Light Energy Dancing". It's a way of using movement as an energy healing modality and meditation that I developed by combining my 35+ years of dance training and my 16+ years of work and study as an energy healer. 


You can contact me for a schedule of workshops or to schedule me for training in your area.

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