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Energy Cleansing 
These are just introductions to the information.
Not medical advice. Practice at your own discretion.


Cleaning the Energy of the Physical Body


1. Use a salt scrub on the body everyday. Leave it on for at least 2 minutes and up to 5 minutes before washing it off. Salt has a disintegrating effect and helps to reduce and remove negative, used up energies.


2. Workout regularly. There is a release of negative, used up energy when we workout. Those that can see energy witness it as gray clouds of smoke leaving the body. 

3. Learn to cut energetic cords and do it everyday, particularly after work and before bedtime.


4. Change every single piece of clothing every single day. Yes this makes for a ton of laundry, but clothes hold a lot of residual energy and wearing the same clothes for too long is like using the same bath water over and over and expecting to be clean and free from the grime of the day before.

5. Take off all you jewelry every night. Do not place it in the bedroom. Create a sacred space outside of the bedroom to place your crystal and jewelry. Create a spray of lavender and tea tree essential oils to lightly spray over jewelry. Wipe dry immediately. (Be mindful of your stones. Light Energy Dancing takes no responsibility for damage to your property. You do not need to soak or drench your items, simply very lightly mist and ask for Divine Blessings to clear the negative, used up energy.)

6. Create a spray of lavender and tea tree essential oils and lightly mist your body (avoiding the eyes) several times a day to cleanse the aura and help reduce cords. (Be mindful of where you spray. Light Energy Dancing takes no responsibility for damage to your property. Be careful not to get the spray or essential oils on furniture or fabrics as they may stain.)

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Cleaning the Energy In Your Space


1. Invoke for Divine Blessings.


2. Start at front door, move in a clockwise direction from room to room. Light a tealight in each room and ask that Light purifies your space. DO NOT leave candles unattended.


3. Start back at front door, light either sandalwood or frankincense incense and slowly walk in clockwise direction through out your space and ask that the smoke clears the energy in your space.


4. Start again at the front door and chant either Om or Amen at least 3 times in each room of your space.


If you have time, let the candles burn out completely.

If not, relight them & let them finish burning later.


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Cleaning the Energy of Your Work-space


1. Invoke for Divine Blessings.


(If you can do the full cleaning listed above for your home, that is the best. However, if you share a work-space, and can only address your personal area, follow the protocol below.)


2. Light a candle to be placed on your desk. Ask that the candle removes and purifies properly the energy in your work-space. DO NOT leave candle unattended.


3. Diffuse Lavender or Tea Tree essential oils at your desk for at least one hour a day. You could set a timer for one hour on your diffuser as you leave work if you feel your co-workers will be bothered by the essential oils.


4. Make a spray of half undiluted, unflavored vodka, and half distilled water. Add 7 drops of  Lavender essential oil to the spray bottle for each ounce. (i.e. If the bottle is two ounces add 14 drops of essential oil.)


Spray the air around you space when you get to work, if you experience stress or tiredness at work, and again before you leave. Consider spraying your seat and keyboard regularly as these are prone to energy congestion. However, make sure the spray will not harm your seat's fabric and you just LIGHTLY mist the is electronic after all and DOES NOT need a bath. :)

5. Give thanks at the end of each day before you leave work and ask the Divine Beings to bless and continue to cleanse your space overnight.

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