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What is Energy Healing?

The main goal of energy healing is to restore and refresh the prana/energy in the body. When balanced properly, the body, mind, and emotions are designed to return to a state of health and vitality. While energy healing is just one piece of the puzzle to maintain health, it is often the most overlooked.


Some clients see immediate results, sometimes it takes several sessions to create a perceivable change. In order for energy work to be successful, it is important that the client is in and state of openness and willing to change. It is also important to realize that nothing can over ride karma. There are many reasons we fall ill and sometimes we have not learned the required lessons and healing can not yet take place. Also, as westerners, we must remember that "healing" is not always the same as "curing". There are many paths to health and energy healing is a powerful tool to use while following your spirit's higher calling.

Many people report a sense of well being, relieved anxiety or pain reduction. Some people report feeling a lightness, a sense of love or joy, release of past trauma, or deep relaxation. Your experience will be exactly what you need it to be in order for you to gain the most benefit. Come with an open mind and no expectations.


I feel there are a great many options out there for alternative health care and energy work. All of them powerful and unique. It is important that you find the technique that "speaks" to you. It is even more important that you find a practitioner that you trust and "feel" is leading where you want to go.

What type of Energy Healing do I offer?

I have training in Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, and Reiki. However, most of my practice and techniques are from the Pranic Healing system.


Pranic Healing is a no touch technique of energy healing. Master Choa Kok Sui is the modern day originator of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Pranic Healing is the use of breath, vital life force and higher life force to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. The practitioner scans the client's energy field and tries to alleviate congested or negative energy. The energy field is then recharged or replenished with positive and well natured energy.


Best of all, Pranic Healing can be done in-person or long distance. Energy doesn't really care about works and exists everywhere all at once. (That's why you can be affected by someone's negativity even if your not "there"...luckily, you can be affected by the love and positive energy too!) The client might have a more intense experience at an in-person treatment, but I have had a lot of feedback that distance sessions were just as powerful and effective.

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