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I randomly release free meditations on my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. You can find me on all platforms as @LIGHTENERGYDANCING

I also host free group meditations using the zoom platform. Please text 407-216-8188 to be added to the contact list.

The meditations I lead on zoom were given to us by living Kriya Yoga Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. There are two meditations and I often lead them as one longer meditation.

The first is Siddhanath Golden Lotus and its for opening and balancing the heart energies.

The second is Siddhanath Earth Peace Through Self Peace. It is for sharing the blessings of love and peace that are first felt within the self and then actively shared outwardly with all humans on Earth. It is a sweet and joyful meditation.

SIGN UP! I'm offering them FREE!! And if you don't like them you can just sign off. ;)

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