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I've always wanted to make it easy to find the tools for meditation, energy healing, Pranic Healing, and energy hygiene for body and home.

The service offerings at Light Energy Dancing are incredibly varied, I always strive to bring my A game to each and every project or class!!




Georgia Ambarian


I'm a classically trained dancer who attended attended North Carolina School of the Arts for High School and graduated from Boston Conservatory with a BFA. I turned to ballroom dancing after college and decided to pursue a competitive career with Eric Luna. I am a Five-time World Cabaret Champion and Five-time National Cabaret Champion. I have also been a guest performer on "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars".


All that aside, the most important thing I do with my life now is help people connect with the tools of meditation, energy healing, Pranic Healing, essential oils, energy hygiene, and how to use dance as a healing modality. 

I am currently located in Kissimmee, FL.

I am always excited to offer you my services not only as a teacher, performer, coach, and choreographer but I also as an energy and Pranic Healer. I can work with you in person, over Facetime or Skype, Google Duo, or I can travel to your location. Contact me via email if you need more information.

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