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It is my sincerest wish for everyone on the enlightenment path to find the tools and support they need to keep moving forward.


If I can at least be a small Light on someone's journey, I have lived my purpose.


Georgia Ambarian



Originally classically trained in ballet, I attended North Carolina School of the Arts as modern major and graduated from Boston Conservatory at Berklee with a BFA.


I then enjoyed a successful competitive and coaching career as a ballroom dancer. My partner and I won Five World Cabaret Championships and Five National Cabaret Championships. We were also guest performers on "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars".

In the here and now and with great JOY...

 I help people connect with their higher soul through meditation, energy healing, essential oils, energy hygiene, and by using dance as a healing modality. 

I adore bringing information about transformative tools and esoteric teachings to anyone genuinely interested.

Every Sunday at 10:00AM EST I offer a unique class that is an intuitive flow and combination of energy healing, meditation, and hatha yoga.


I regularly travel to coach ballroom dancing and teach dance as a healing modality.


Contact me via email if you need more information.

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