So how can you learn more?

Call, email, text, or you can bring me to your place of business, and together we tailor
make a package to suit your needs and the needs of your staff, customers, and clients.

The following is a list of some of the classes and workshops I offer.

Contact me to discuss scheduling and pricing.

Workshops For Everyone:

Introduction to Essential Oils

Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Golden Lotus Meditation

Introduction to Mindful Breathing

Introduction to Pranic/Energy Healing

Forgiveness Workshop

How to Practice Good Energy Hygiene for your Body and Home

Dance as Meditation



Workshop Especially For Dancer/Artists:

Essential Oils For Dancers

Spiritual Balance for the Dance Competitor

How to Make Your Art a Source of Healing

Energy Hygiene for Dancers

Healing Meditation For Dancers

How to Control The Energy of the Dance Floor

How to Have a Healthy Energetically Balanced Partnership

There is also an option to schedule 

healing or coaching with me one on one!!!

As always, I enjoy helping dancers understand their body better,

helping them tell an interesting story,

and of course helping with those lifts and showcase elements. 


I also offer a series of workshops based on

Theater Arts Elements for all levels of dancers.


Contact me at

to discuss any of the options listed above.