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So how can you learn more?

Call, email, text, or you can bring me to your place of business, and together we tailor
make a package to suit your needs and the needs of your staff, customers, and clients.

The following is a list of some of the classes and workshops I offer.

Contact me to discuss scheduling and pricing.

Workshops For Everyone:

Introduction to Essential Oils

Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Mindful Breathing

Introduction to Energy Healing

Forgiveness Workshop

How to Practice Good Energy Hygiene for your Body and Home

Dance as Meditation



Workshop Especially For Dancer/Artists:

Essential Oils For Dancers

Spiritual Balance for the Dance Competitor

How to Make Your Art a Source of Healing

Energy Hygiene for Dancers

Healing Meditation For Dancers

How to Control The Energy of the Dance Floor

How to Have a Healthy Energetically Balanced Partnership

There is also an option to schedule 

healing or coaching with me one on one!!!

As always, I enjoy helping dancers understand their body better,

helping them tell an interesting story,

and of course helping with those lifts and showcase elements. 


I also offer a series of workshops based on

Theater Arts Elements for all levels of dancers.


Contact me at

to discuss any of the options listed above.

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